14 Amazing Benefits of Eating Kiwis

Kiwi is an amazing fruit, both in terms of its looks and its nutritional content. The vibrant green color and kiwi slices dotted with black seeds can spruce up any desert or fruit combinations. Discussed below are 14 health benefits packed into this brightly green colored fruit.

1. Helps in Digestion

Eating a kiwi in its raw form is very beneficial for digestive system because it contains actinidain – an enzyme, which is effective in dissolving the protein.

2. Balances Blood Pressure

Kiwi has a high content of potassium that neutralises the sodium’s effects by balancing the electrolytes and balances the blood pressure.

3. Protects DNA and Prevents Cancer

If asked what are the benefits of eating kiwi, you can easily state two major benefits. One is that it gives protection to the cell DNA from oxidative damage due to the antioxidants present in it. Secondly, these antioxidants also prevent cancer.

4.Boosts the Immune System

Kiwi contains more vitamin C than citrus fruit which acts as potent antioxidant, eradicating free radicals that could cause inflammation and boosts the immunity of the body against damaging pathogens.

5. Smart Carbohydrate

Kiwi has low glycemic index and high fiber content which allows this incredible fruit to prevent strong insulin rush compared to other fruits with high glucose contents and staves off the fat storage.

6. Prevents Digestion Problems

A kiwi diet is a good way to keep constipation, diarrhoea and other intestinal problems at bay.

7. Cleans the Toxins

Kiwi’s fuzzy fiber helps clean intestinal tract of harmful toxins.

8. Fights off Heart Diseases

If you want to learn what are the benefits of eating kiwis, then it is important to know that kiwis have the same anti-clotting properties as an aspirin. In fact, consuming a couple of kiwis every day can reduce the risk of clotting by 19% and triglycerides by 16%.

9. Suitable for Diabetics

Eating kiwi benefits diabetic patients because of it slow glycemic index, which prevents the blood sugar to rise rapidly.

10. Protection against Macular Degeneration

Kiwi is a rich source of lutein and zeaxanthin. These nutrients prevent the risk of Macular degeneration that is the main cause of vision loss in senior years.

11. Alkaline Balance

Kiwi is amongst the high alkaline fruits as it is rich in minerals which are effective in replacing the surplus of acidic foods.

12. Kiwi Eating is Great for the Skin

Kiwi contains a powerful antioxidant called vitamin E, which protects the skin against degeneration.

13. Exotic Taste and Appearance

Benefits of eating kiwi include its exotic taste and appearance that makes it very attractive for children and help them get numerous nutrients they miss out otherwise because they don’t like many greens and fruits.

14. Naturally Organic

Eating kiwis is also beneficial because they are naturally organic as they are generally immune against a variety of pesticides.