6 Processed Foods that are Silent Killers

Busy lives, busy routines, different priorities, different jobs but when it comes to food, we all are being fooled with all the processed food that is being sold to us at local delis and wholesale giants, under the impression that all these are healthy. Healthy and processed are like two banks of a river; they are always apart, they never meet. Processed foods were invented in response to the cries of the working class who barely had the time or energy left after work to prepare wholesome and proper meals. But anything that is cheap, handy and convenient is usually not healthy because it’s too good to be true. So is the case with these foods. The take a toll on your body without you knowing it and slowly poison your body. From meats to confectioneries, here is a list of 10 processed foods that are silent killers for your body.

Avoid eating Chicken Nuggets

Although yummy, time saving and easy to make, chicken nuggets are made with high quantities of preservatives to make them last long in the freezers. They are loaded with salt and unhealthy fats.

Stay away from fries

French fries are packed with calories and also cholesterol because of deep frying. They have a very low nutritional value and commercially made fries are made using low-grade salt, oils and seasonings so it is better to avoid it and only eat it occasionally.

Forget about Sodas

Sodas and similar beverages are like sacks of sugar that have no nutritional value as such. They can only act as a natural coolant or thirst busters when it comes to summers or after a long day outdoors. Soda is one of the leading reasons for obesity, cancers and diabetes, causing a disturbance in body sugar levels.

Do not buy processed meats!

Many wholesale stores as well as neighborhood stores offer processed meats in form of semi-prepared chicken or frozen foods like nuggets, hot dogs and deli roast chicken etc. Do not go near these. They are the lead contributors of cancer cell growth in the body and other deadly diseases. These meats are seasoned with poor quality spices and ingredients as well as preservatives. They lose their nutritional value being stored for so long.

Say no to Chips

Poor seasoning, a lot of salt, fried in low-grade oil and also loaded with calories, chips are one of the most fattening processed foods. They are high in fat content which deposits in your arteries and may cause cardiac diseases. High rate of obesity globally, owes it to the widespread consumption of chips worldwide.

Don’t be tempted to buy those cakes, cookies and muffins

High in sugar content, commercially made confectioneries are a big No when it comes to healthy eating. They are made in huge quantities weeks or days earlier, so they are not fresh and also lose their nutritional value. They are cheap because of the poor quality ingredient used in them. It is better to bake these at home and enjoy with a warm glass of milk at night.