What is the average recovery time for the coronavirus disease?

Coronavirus is a confusing illness and determining the exact recovery time is tricky. 

There isn’t any scientific study that can determine the period you’ll have the symptoms for or how long you might be contagious. But, some possible ranges have been identified but still vary from one person to another.

“The average recovery time for the coronavirus disease is between 2-6 weeks.”

-Dr Tedros, the Director-General of the World Health Organisation (WHO)

Since recovery is complex and differs from person to person, experts believe that you might not feel completely well. 

The symptoms can last even after recovery making it uncomfortable for you to step out in public. While some people may recover quickly and not pass on the infection to others, some might be the cause of viral replication. 

Thus, it’s advised that you stay in for a period of 10 days even after your recovery. 

“If you need to step out sooner, continue practising social distancing. Use face masks and gloves,” says Dr Jamie Friedman.

The virus spreads quickly with people in close contact with each other during prolonged periods of time. It’s wise to avoid all kinds of physical contacts such as hugging, shaking hands, kissing or even sharing utensils. 

We recommend listening to health care authorities. Play your part in keeping the community safe.

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