ADHD: 15 Self-Care Tips to Surviving in Quarantine

Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is mentally, physically, and emotionally draining. It can be a really terrifying condition, especially when you don’t know how best to cope with it. If anything, few of us know how best to handle ADHD.

If you think you have ADHD, you can always take an ADHD test to remove any doubts. Knowing about your ADHD condition early can help you prevent your condition from deteriorating faster. Moreover, no one else will make your health their priority unless you do.

These self-care tips will help you survive ADHD in quarantine.

1, Plan Ahead

One of the best self-care tips for coping with ADHD is planning your day ahead and being flexible with your schedule. With a clear daily schedule, you can keep ahead of important tasks without deviating. You never have to put off important tasks you feel you’d rather not do.

2, Self-Compassion

ADHD doesn’t go away. It stays with you. But it is also something you can manage and live with. After taking an ADHD test and knowing your condition, it is advisable to practice a lot of self-nourishment.

Activities like long walks, yoga, and reading longer books can help you devote your time to achieving a balanced, happy, and healthy life.

3, Sleep

It is only natural for your body to crave sleep at the end of an exhausting day. It doesn’t matter whether your body only needs a few minutes or a couple of hours to replenish itself. Make sure you get enough sleep to get your mind into high gear when you wake up.

4, Exercise

Admittedly, not everyone is pro-exercise. Some people just prefer to stay indoors and finish a good book. Perhaps what works best for you is yoga, or swimming, dancing, or even gym workouts.

Whatever the case, we advise that you keep your mind and body engaged and flexible. You will love every minute of it.

5, Honor Your Push and Pull

So, you just took an ADHD test and realized that everything about you is a clear black and white distinction. You are either energized or exhausted, interested or uninterested. Whatever the case, you want to resolve any unsettled, self-conflicted feeling you have. Know your needs, processing style, and focus levels to keep a steady track of your life.

6, Take Medication

After your ADHD test, you will probably be given medication to help you cope with your condition. It is important to take your ADHD medication at the same time every day as prescribed by your doctor.

7, Meditation

An active mind needs extra care. And meditation is one of the best ways to give your mind the self-care it needs. If you have ADHD or know someone with ADHD, you probably know how much rapid thoughts and time-blindness can make you feel (tense and irritable).

Meditation gives you the control you need to keep your mind focused and in one place.

8, Massage

Nothing quite compares to getting the best massage from your partner to loosen your tight muscles or sore neck after a long day’s work. You forget about everything else and immerse yourself in the moment. It helps to know when to listen to your body.

9, Be True to Yourself

One of the best ways of coping with ADHD is knowing yourself and not letting other people’s judgments weigh you down. Remember, you know what you need and know how to give yourself a dose of some good care when your body and mind crave it. You are your top priority; love yourself.

10, Establish Healthy Boundaries

While it can be hard to say “no” sometimes, especially to your friends and loved ones, you can still use the word. Use the word when you feel you need to.

It’s good always to want to be there for your loved ones whenever they need you. But it isn’t good to do something for someone knowing that it risks your health or of people you care about.

11, Let Go of Superpower Delusions

You’ve just taken your ADHD test and found out you have ADHD. This is the perfect time to start cutting back on tasks you know you cannot handle. This one goes to those with high-energy tricks up their sleeves. Avoid taking on tasks you cannot handle. Know where the line is between being inspired and being realistic.

12, Food Matters

Your food choices impact how you feel, your mood, and your overall health. Taking a balanced diet will help shoot off your endorphins and slow down your racing thoughts. Try to figure out the foods that distract you from thinking about unpleasant tasks and think of them every time your mind starts to wonder. Hopefully, you’ll be thinking about healthy foods.

13, Strike a Balance

You also don’t want to venture too deep into your work that you overwork yourself. You must monitor your family, work, social, career, educational, physical, emotional, and spiritual priorities to make sure you have a balanced life.

14, Find Your Retreat Space

Think of that special space where you can think freely and relax your mind. Free yourself from all the worldly hassled and just dedicate this special space and time to yourself, nothing else.

15, Love Yourself

You probably already have immense love for yourself. Learn to nurture, love, and care for yourself even more. Gift yourself the simple pleasures of life, compassion, creativity, and passion. Be in control of your ADHD. Don’t let it control you.

Take Your ADHD Test Today: Know Your Status

Taking an ADHD test and finding out you have it isn’t the end of life. If anything, you can live your best life and enjoy the pleasures it has to offer even more. Be grateful every day, knowing you are alive and happy.

Author Bio:

Sara Anderson of The Ezcare Clinic, a medical clinic that provides world-class healthcare services. Sara has been associated with the healthcare industry for over five years and specializes in medical content.

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