Adding Nutrition and Taste to Your Recipes with Nutritional Yeast

Nutrition yeast is a light yellow and sometimes golden color flake. It is a super food since it contains all the essential nutrients that are required by human beings at all stages of life. Nutrition yeast especially BuyOrcanicsOnline’s nutritional yeast products are made from glucose rich sources like molasses. When we talk about yeast we imagine strong bitter –beer like take but nutritional yeast is the exact opposite. It is available in the market in powder form and in a flake form along with that it has a cheesy, nutty and sometimes creamy flavor. With the help of nutritional yeast one can make cheesy dishes as it is the best substitute of cheese.

So instead of taking different vitamin supplements which one needs to take in copious quantities in case there is a deficiency in the body one should include nutritional yeast in their daily diet plans and prepare recipes with nutritional yeast as one of the ingredients because it is rich source of all nutrition needed to run the human body smoothly.

Nutritional yeast – Nutrition Profile 

Looking at its nutrition profile nutritional yeast is a rich source of iron, magnesium, copper, manganese, 18 amino acids, zinc and protein. Nery less people know that it also contains fiber in a very small amount which aids digestion and cuts down hunger pangs. The most important thing in nutrition yeast is that it is one of the only non animal sources of B12 vitamin. Most people suffer from the deficiency of vitamin B12 however by consuming nutritional yeast one can overcome this deficiency.

Recipes that can carry Nutritional Yeast

Smoothie prepared with BuyOrcanicsOnline's nutritional yeast products

Although one can use nutritional yeast in any dish according to his / her taste but there are some specific dishes to which nutritional yeast adds extra value.

Fruit salad smoothie bowl

Smoothies are a good choice for breakfast. You can add nutritional yeast in your smoothie it will play a wonderful role here. Having a smoothie laden with nutritional yeast will surely keep you energetic and fresh throughout the day and will take care of the nutritional needs of the body for a hectic day.  So the ingredients that you need to make your smoothie are:

-1 cup spinach

-1/2 cup mango

-1 banana

-1 tbsp wheat grass powder

-2 tbsp nutritional yeast

– For topping you can select fruits according to your choice.

Procedure: blend all the smoothie ingredients excluding your topping stuff, till it will get smooth. Pour it into the bowl and add your fruit toping on the top. Enjoy your meal!

No Cheese grilled sandwich

As nutritional yeast is a good substitute for cheese in terms of taste and nutrition hence having nutritional yeast in place of cheese seems a great option for those who need to watch out their weight or protein intake.

Ingredients that are required for this are:

-8 tbsp nutritional yeast

-2 tbsp flour

-1/2 tbsp lemon juice

-1 tbsp onion powder

-2 tbsp corn starch

-3 cup of water

-3 tbsp tomato ketchup

-1/4 salt, turmeric and, dry mustard

-5-6 bread slices

Procedure: mix all the Ingredients and place it in the saucepan. Heat it up, let the ingredients boil, till that time continually stir the mixture. Cook the ingredients till they thicken up, now toast the bread. Place the bread on the plate and spread the paste on it .Your no cheese grilled sandwich is ready to serve.

Peanut butter cup cake

This is for those who love desert. This is easy to make recipe plus less time consuming the essential ingredient for this is peanut butter, melted chocolate and nutritional yeast.

Including nutritional yeast in your recipes will enhance metabolism 

Nutritional yeast also contain high level of thiamine. Thiamine plays an important role in supporting energy levels and also to maintain a healthy metabolism. Nutritional yeast is a rich source of thiamine and we can use it in our meal in different manners.

-Either it is used with your bread toast or sandwich you can also sprinkle a little amount of nutritional yeast and add some flavor in your breakfast.

-Stir into vegetable soup it works well in place of cream and also gives a thick texture.

– You can add nutrition yeast in any rice or pasta dishes

-Nutrition yeast works well with potato so when you sprinkle it on your chips or while making sweet potato it will add more flavor.

– sprinkling nutritional yeast on your pop corn will make your snack more nutritious and is also the popular method to have nutritious popcorn.

-Can add nutritional yeast into mashed potatoes and cauliflower.

Super food that can add to your nutrition profile

A few nutrition rich foods are spinach, sweet potato, quinoa, soya beans, grapefruit, kale, Greek yogurt, oats, broccoli, green tea, beans, nutritional yeast, papaya, prunes, almonds and blueberries. All these food are great source from where you can get high nutrition. However they sometimes might lack one or two ingredients essential for healthy body functions. One should include them in the daily meal along with nutritional yeast to make the human body hale and healthy. Adopting these in their routine will lead to a healthy life.

Author Bio:

Jack loves to write about food products that can keep human beings fit throughout their life. As most of people say that health is wealth, Jack also has the same thinking and is a profound advocate of organic products. Jack has been working and writing about health care and organic products to spread awareness among people.

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