The Long-Term Effects of a Doctor Failing to Diagnose a Disease

It’s no secret that one of the common reasons people go to the doctor is to seek a diagnosis or treatment for a disease. And it’s also no secret that not all doctors diagnose diseases equally. There have been cases where doctors have failed to diagnose a disease, leading to serious long-term consequences.

What Could Happen if a Doctor Fails to Diagnose a Disease?

If a doctor fails to diagnose a disease, the patient may experience long-term effects. The doctor may not be able to provide the necessary treatment and may even cause further damage. Some common long-term effects of not being diagnosed include cancer spreading, developing other diseases, experiencing extended pain or discomfort, and depression can result as well. For example, untreated cancer can spread and grow quickly, leading to death within a short period of time. Untreated thyroid conditions can also lead to health problems, such as obesity and depression. In Chicago, it is not uncommon to see medical malpractice and personal injury cases on the docket.

The failure of a doctor to diagnose a severe disease can result in a malpractice lawsuit. Medical malpractice is rapidly rising in cities like Chicago. Luckily, in such cases, a Chicago failure to diagnose lawyer can help clients seek damages for the life-threatening consequences of misdiagnoses. Other missteps on the part of a doctor or hospital can include:

  • Not referring a patient to a specialist
  • Not screening for disease or illness
  • The failure to get a patient’s complete medical history
  • Not properly pursuing an investigation of the causes of a patient’s symptoms
  • Improper reading of diagnostic results

Remember that insurance companies play a part in your compensation. Practitioners and hospitals carry malpractice insurance. The insurers will attempt to reduce or deny your claim. Even with the proper evidence, correct paperwork submitted, and your claim approval, you may receive only some of what is due to you. An attorney can help you navigate the briars of insurance companies and attempt to get what you are owed.

Remember that if you are the victim of a failure to diagnose or a misdiagnosis with attached circumstances, there is a time limit set on your ability to make a claim. If injury or death occurred, the claim might expire in two years. Still, the statute of limitations may vary with medical malpractice. Spare no time in speaking with an attorney if you have been injured.

Proper Compensation

Physicians are humans. Sometimes, they make mistakes and don’t diagnose a disease properly. Unfortunately, this can have long-term consequences for the individual incorrectly diagnosed and the broader community that shares in that person’s health care. In some cases, this may mean life-threatening conditions go undiagnosed or untreated, leading to serious medical complications. For example, suppose you or someone you know has experienced a failed diagnosis by a doctor. In that case, it is crucial to get in touch with qualified legal representation so that you can receive compensation for your injury.






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